Base functions

Phonebook, text messages, call log: your smartphone base functions are accessible by just swiping. Contents are immediately available as ordered lists that may be scrolled vertically. With the phonebook fast scrolling feature even those who have tens of numbers will quickly find the one they're looking for. You can call and write messages with just one touch.

Remote Location Service

Fontrillo provides an innovative location service based on all network technologies available today (GPS, mobile telephony network, WiFi network). Fontrillo location service functions both outdoor and indoor and does not require mobile data services to be active in the user's contract. When the GPS signal is absent or not strong enough, Fontrillo can learn the names of the places where the user spends much time, in order to be able to provide alternative information regarding the user's position when no geographical coordinates are available (e.g. “Home”, “Bridge Club” or the like). In association with the Emergency Call, the Remote Location Service provides delivers via SMS the user's position to the user's preselected contacts. At any time Fontrillo may receive an SMS from one of the user's trusted persons, who must provide a passcode defined by the user, requesting to know the user's position. To such a request Fontrillo automatically replies back via SMS. Fontrillo sophisticated location algorithms are designed and engineered to preserve the battery charge as much as possible.

Emergency Call

The Emergency Call is started by pressing the SOS button, which is present on every page on the screen, or shaking the phone. Fontrillo will place a call and send a text message (SMS) with the current geographical position to the preselected numbers. The user may elect to disable the whole SOS feature or to just make the SOS button invisible, keeping the Emergency Call possible by shaking the phone.

Innovative User Interface

All features are accessible with a touch thanks to Fontrillo innovative swipe technology, by which you turn pages as with a book. Keyboards have been redesigned to offer unequaled comfort when writing text messages. All alerts such as missed calls, received messages, events and anniversaries are clearly displayed on the screen and won't disappear until you acknowledge them. With the text-to-speech function you can have Fontrillo read aloud for you messages, lists and notifications.


Fontrillo provides a simplified camera with just one two keys: one to shoot and one to exit the camera. Pictures taken with the camera or received from someone else via MMS are shown in a dedicated page as a list that can be scrolled vertically.


With Fontrillo the user can set appointments, anniversaries, reminders for medicines and any event both in single shot mode or as recurring events. All the events the user has set are shown in a list ordered by expiry date and can be modified or deleted. At the expiry date and time Fontrillo will display a full screen alert with the event name and date/time, which will remain on the screen until acknowledged.


A handy feature in many cases, Fontrillo flashlight is a lamp based on the camera flash that can be switched on with a click. In order to preserve the battery charge Fontrillo will automatically switch the flashlight off after 5 minutes.


From the Settings page the user can customize all Fontrillo features. Particularly, the user can select which pages shall be displayed and in which order: Contacts, Messages, Gallery, Camera, Calendar, Flashlight and Call Log.

Assisted Configuration

Fontrillo provides a special feature which works between two Fontrillo smartphones: one Fontrillo user can send contacts and calendar events to another Fontrillo user, provided he/she knows the other user's passcode. Every configuration action occurs via an SMS automatically generated by Fontrillo.