Fontrillo free version contains a few limitations that you will be able to remove by upgrading to the PREMIUM version.

Download Fontrillo NOW to enjoy the PREMIUM version FREE forever!

Make and receive phone calls Yes Yes
Send and receive text messages Yes Yes
SOS Yes Yes
Remote location service Yes Yes
Favorite apps Yes Yes
Simplified camera Yes Yes
Gallery Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes
Flashlight Yes Yes
Assisted configuration Yes Yes
Customization Yes Yes
Text-to-speech Yes Yes
Text message log Latest 5 received Yes
Phonebook Up to 20 contacts Yes
Modify contact Not on SIM card Yes
Call log Latest 10 Yes

Quickstart Guide

When you download Fontrillo from Googleplay store we recommend you to enable the automatic updates

Information about the device

In this section you can verify whether your smartphone satisfies the minimum requirements to use Fontrillo and find some advice that might be useful if you are purchasing a smartphone to be used with Fontrillo.


  • Operating System: Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher
  • Display resolution: QVGA (240x320) or higher
  • Memory: at least 7Mb free space

Note: Fontrillo does not require mobile data services


Screen: Fontrillo has been successfully tested with screen of any size and resolution. In order to have the maximum comfort especially for writing text messages we recommend that you purchase a device with a resolution HVGA or higher and size 3.5" or bigger.

Memory: low cost smartphones might not be equipped with such an amount of internal memory as to provide enough room for storing pictures. Should you wish to shoot pictures and keep them on your low cost phone we recommend that you purchase a microSD card for your phone make and model.

Flashlight: Fontrillo flashlight is based on the camera flash. If you are interested in having the flashlight please make sure the phone you are purchasing is equipped with the camera flash.