Top comfort

Big text and buttons, perfect readability. All functions ready at a touch.

Innovative keyboard

With Fontrillo big and clear keys in alphabetical order writing messages has never been so easy

Prominent alerts

Missed calls, received messages, appointments and events: every notification is displayed full screen and stays on screen until acknowledged.

All you need is here

Pick your favorite apps and launch them from Fontrillo in a flash!

First aid with a click

Press the SOS button or shake the phone: Fontrillo will start a call and send a text message with your position to the numbers you defined.

Be tracked in emergencies

If you wish Fontrillo can send your position via SMS upon request to trusted persons selected by you. You will always been in contact with your dearest ones and they will know you are safe.

Your dear ones cannot reach you
They will send a message asking Fontrillo for your position
Fontrillo will automatically deliver via SMS your position
Thus they will be able to go and check on you

Assisted configuration

Let a trusted person add contacts to your phonebook or appointments to your calendar... from the comfort of home, with Fontrillo Assisted Configuration feature

You can watch this video also on YouTube


Simplified camera and gallery to keep your happiest memories with you at all times.


Appointments, medicines, anniversaries: Fontrillo is a friend in everyday life, reminding you of every event that's important for you


A handy flashlight can be switched on with a click

Be green

If you are planning to change your Android smartphone don't throw it away: install Fontrillo onto it and then donate it to Granpa

Cut the costs

Fontrillo just requires the base mobile telephony services: mobile data services are NOT required